Johannes Albers: Paul Hosking: Frank Stella: Andrej Golder: John Bock: Ghislain Dussart: Uwe Henneken: Douglas Gordon: Marco Brambilla: William N. Copley: Olivia Berckemeyer: Nir Hod: Noé Sendas: H.D. Buttercup´s Apartment 12. December 2015 - 26. March 2016

Born H.D. Buttenscheimer in Queens, NY, H.D. (otherwise known as Evan Cole) transcended space, time, and circumstances by traveling the world to source captivating art and design. Using street smarts and ninja moves he initially created ABC Carpets & Home in New York City, and then, seeking reinvention, as those going West so often do, he arrived in Los Angeles to continue his passion for treasure hunting and global collecting by reinventing himself in an apartment above his brick & mortar emporium, a motif of stylish living and working that he originated in NYC. The living and dining vignettes of the Apartment will include modern and contemporary sculpture, to a 1960s nude by Philip Pearlstein.

Other artists included in the exhibition are: Otto Ackermann, Johannes Albers, Olivia Berckemeyer, John Bock, Marco Brambilla, William N. Copley, Gregory Crewdson, André Derain, Jiri Georg Dokoupil, Ghislain Dussart, Joachim Elzmann, Ernst Fritsch, GAMA, Andreas Golder, Douglas Gordon, Julius Grünewald, Thomas Grünfeld, Uwe Hennecken, Nir Hod, Paul Hosking, Oda Jaune, Maestro della Fertilitá dell´Uovo, Jonathan Meese, Davis Nicholson, Michal Rovner, Greta Schick, Noé Sendas, Frank Stella und Jan Verhoeven.

All installed with vintage furniture, rugs, lamps, and other pieces from the collection of Michael Fuchs, including iconic pieces such as a Verner Panton Cloverleaf - sofa and a Muslingestolar “Clam” – chair by Philip Actander, reflecting the fictional Buttercup’s eclectic taste.

curated by Michael Fuchs Galerie

H.D. Buttercup
2118 East 7th Place
Los Angeles, CA 90021

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