Verner Panton: Silent Moments – Cosmic Light 26. April 2013 - 22. June 2013

‘Silent Moments–Cosmic Light’ presents the artistic positions of the Swiss painters Silvia Gertsch and Xerxes Ach, whose paintings operate in the area between abstraction and figuration, reflecting upon aesthetic sensations and capturing them in contrasting ways.

Silvia Gertsch’s paintings behind glass are flooded with late summer light photons, which illuminate the image in every corner and appear almost tangible. Photos, which she takes herself, provide the initial guideline. Here the presentation of the subject is of less significance for Silvia Gertsch. Of far greater importance is capturing the physical world that is formed by light. With an unbelievable acuteness Silvia Gertsch succeeds in depicting immaterial light through paint and covers the scene in a dreamlike atmosphere. With her unique visual language she creates a form of expression whose aesthetic is underlined with a special sensibility, which in turn is reflected in the work of Xerxes Ach.

His aesthetic conveys itself through sensuous experiences of colour, which present themselves partly as monochromes, partly as expressive colour compositions. Xerxes Ach succeeds in perceiving particular colour sensations from an endless variety of colours, then in capturing and transforming them into fascinating, abstract colour compositions. Freed from formalness, the desired nuance of colour is extracted as if it could not exist in a purer or more reduced form. Initially Ach began by placing monochrome areas of colour next to each other; now these lines of contrast are broken up and replaced by an expressive style. Two colours are thinly applied in layers with a large paintbrush that, through their sculptural facet, suggest an astonishing depth of field.

Silvia Gertsch and Xerxes Ach are connected by their love of painting and to each other. Working together is an important component in the oeuvre of both painters. The work of the two artists reflects sensory perception and impressions of the world, with Gertsch through light and with Ach through colour. Thus, in their own way, both artists represent a unique artistic position that is united through their togetherness.

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