DIE ZIMMER 15. November 2012 - 05. January 2013

"Art is magic freed from the lie of being truth." (Theodor W. Adorno)

Michael Fuchs Galerie invites you onto a journey into the magical rooms of Gama. “Die Zimmer” (The Rooms) is the artists second solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition consists of two large scale paintings (270 x 330 cm) and 18 smaller scale paintings. Each painting depicts a room full of mystery and magic. Gama incorporates fleeting characters melting into paint, dripping floors and fairy tale like figures that somehow seem familiar: A Barbarossa-like hunched man stands in a room weighted down by his incredibly long and apparently heavy beard, “das Gemach” depicts a tower of fantastically detailed, colourful mattresses underneath which two red boots peek out, raising questions and leaving room for our imagination to fill the storyline in the painting. In the painting “die Zimmer” Gama references through the light and composition of the space arguably one of the most famous painters of rooms and interiors Jan Vemeer. Through humour, mystery, and a stillness Gama gives us the possibility to not only day dream of what fantastical house these rooms must be in, they also soothe through their calmness and enchant with their gentle humour. Gama himself explained it this way: “The real world is subdivided into two parts: The exterior and the interior. The exterior is nature, landscapes, heaven, earth and the animals. On the other hand the interior is a western interior. In my paintings I try to merge these two rooms or worlds, if you like by adding a third part, the so-called imaginary world. The rooms that I paint are imaginary rooms, which combine these two worlds.
I make the rules there. This is where I have my guardians, angels, mythical creatures that of course are heavily influenced by my Mongolian heritage; they are also heavily influenced by shamanism. This is where I can have a landscape on top of mattress or a house that is made of a mushroom.”

Gama was born 1977 in Mongolia, completed his batchelor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Peking and his Meisterschüler- Diplom under Gustav Kluge in Karlsruhe. He lives and works in Berlin.

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