Ghislain Dussart: Philip Pearlstein: DUSSART / PEARLSTEIN 07. September 2012 - 07. November 2012

Michael Fuchs Galerie is proud to present the rare works of Ghislain Dussart. Dussart was primarily known as the official set photographer for Brigitte Bardot and as such he was to play a key role in the shaping of a new approach to glamour photography. Seemingly spontaneous and un-posed the emphasis on natural gave these photographs massive impact perhaps because their immediacy and casual intimacy somehow made Bardot seem even more beautiful intriguing and untouchable. At this time she was already one of the biggest sex symbols the world had ever seen. It is perhaps no surprise that with this continued exposure in person and through his lens Dussart became entranced almost bewitched by his subject. What is surprising is how this hidden interest manifested itself. Locked away in his darkroom Dussart was creating images that had nothing to do with the later book on Bardot he published in 1976, a selection of shots taken of the actress in her 30 `s. In fact he was secretly tinkering with the daily set photographs. He created collages and montages reinventing the official glamour shots and placing them squarely in a murkier more mysterious world dripping with Sado - masochistic themes and obsessions. There is religious symbolism and other dark ingredients all pointing at a very different side to Dussart we can now explore - as well as contemplating the subconsciously transgressive underside of glamour photography. By presenting these highly controversial works, Michael Fuchs Galerie invites you to discover the development of this fantasy world and enter Dussart`s darkroom

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