Keita Mori: Larissa Fassler: Nadine Fecht: Ralf Ziervogel: Timo Nasseri: Jorinde Voigt: Ignacio Uriarte: Caroline Kryzecki: Bettina Krieg: Willem Besselink: In Correspondence with the drawing 01. July 2016 - 13. August 2016

When it comes to drawing, the efficiency between the limitations of the means and the complexity of the outcome is striking. A pen and a piece of paper suffice to make a complex idea tangible. By merely placing and organising dots, lines, codes, structures etc on a paper surface, the sophisticated imagination of the draftsman can be accurately transferred into the world. The act of drawing is virtually a creation and precision of mental impulses “into reality”.

One specific form of drawing demonstrates these relations concisely. The image is defined by a few previously set rules and created through reoccurring notations that meticulously spread over the plane and astonish in its final complexity. Like an implementation of a digital program the prescribed system expands on the sheet. In this case we are speaking of  “systematic drawing”. The references within the systematic drawings from the hand of one author form a system as a whole. Frequent similarities to geographical maps or scientific diagrams are therefore not coincidental.

The summer exhibition In Correspondence with the Drawing introduces some of the most interesting drawing positions of the last years. They offer an overview of current developments from the studios of notable “systematic” draftsmen as a rather selective cross section for the summer of 2016. The exhibition is thus designed as an entry point into these graphic worlds and shall be understood as an invitation for the visitor to stay and explore.

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