Andrej Golder: ассорти assorti 12. September 2015 - 31. October 2015

“But there, very deep down, there are no emotions or stories, no figuration and no abstraction, no meaning, no sense, but just a billowed brew of impulses, which are too diffuse to be analysable“

                     Dr. Bernhard Stumpfhaus*

Andreas Golder holds up a new body works towards the public. Still these pictures bare the shock about egocentric conditions. These conditions seem to be generated by the incomprehensibility of the own existence and existence at all; a constellation, that shapes the radicalness of the artists´ work. Golder continues to make his own entity his main source, he confronts the viewer with it in all elements of his works and underlines this tendency in addition with titles just like "Sag mal – Hab ich Dir was getan?" (engl.: "Tell me – Did I anything wrong?"), "Kaka, ich verspäte mich um 15 min" (engl.: "Shiddy, I´ll be 15 min late") or "Weinerliche Abstraktion to Dekorationszwecken" (engl.: "Whiny abstraction for decoration").

With regards to content and to aesthetics these works are a problem against the background of Modernity, which calls for salvation. But this salvation never takes place. Instead everything culminates again in a composite of material and colour that declares the reign of primary impulses. Empathy nurtured by own experience may instead offer an access to the pictorial state of things.

Yet something is different: while figuration played a main role in the former works, we are now facing a deeper, more organic consistency of a kind of “painting compound”. It is a condensed sediment out of patterns, picture-quotes, abstract basic forms, pure colour application, gestural interventions and varnish, that builds the material in a very deep way above the whole plain. This compression of the residues of the everyday “keep on living” makes the actual works of Golder even more pressing, because it visualises less and is more by itself. 

Golder is not just able to visualise our primary corporal emotions, all those contradictory, incidental and changing signals of our organic basic system, so to say the interferences of the engine room and leave it to the intellect. Beyond that he creates paintings, which take a direct effect on the body and have to be treated corporal.    


* from: "Andreas Golder – Endlich", catalogue text by von Dr. Bernhard Stumpfhaus, 2015

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