SALON 08. November 2014 - 18. April 2015

„SALON“ is an exhibition that approaches the fusion of art and lifestyle in a very own way. By setting a unique interior this exhibition draws and puts on stage a life for art and within art; this is accomplished by the aim to fuse the eras of art history, even against apparent antagonisms. This installation should introduce to the real world of an imagined society. 

Artists: Xerxes Ach, Jankel Adler, Johannes Albers, Olivia Berckemeyer, John Bock, Marco Brambilla, Herbert Brandl, William Copley, André Derain, Jiri Georg Doukopil, Ghislain Dussart, Paul Hosking, Gama, Silvia Gertsch, Andreas Golder, Douglas Gordon, George Grosz, Thomas Grünfeld, Julius Grünewald, Uwe Henneken, Ferdinand Hodler, Melli Ink, Oda Jaune, Edmundt Kanoldt, Thomas Locher, Maestro della fertilitá dell´uovo, Hans von Marées, Jonathan Meese, Philip Pearlstein, Arnulf Rainer, Franz Reiff, Kurt Schwitters, Arthur Segal, Eva Weymann, Alois Zötl

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