Paul Hosking: Apophenia 06. March 2014 - 19. April 2014

Since his degree in the class of Michael Craig Martin at Goldsmith College, Paul Hosking consequently established a body of work, which combines brilliant material aesthetics with perceptual patterns of psychology. His sculptures and wallobjects present on first view fascinating independent forms and at the second view well-known schematics, for instance the profiles of faces. Hosking develops his language of forms by the repetitive, varying fusion of identically motives into one great shape.
In that way he succeeds to place his works exactly at the cutting point of free form and unconscious recognition in perfect balance; you might call his work psychological formalism.

Particularly he is fascinated by established principles of Perceptive Psychology.
The term “Apophenia” deduced from the German term “Apophänie”, was introduced originally in the book “Die beginnende Schizophrenie. Versuch einer Gestaltanalyse des Wahns“ of psychologist Klaus Conrad, which was published in 1958. This term indicates a symptom from the initial stage of schizophrenia: the concerned persons start to see patters and messages in their daily environment, which are not visible for healthy probands. Paul Hosking forces similar effects in his work, but they are visible for everyone.

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